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Savannah Squares Historical Tour

Join us in uncovering the History of our Beautiful City

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Senior Citizen Ages 65+

Explore the history of Forsyth Park and Chippewa Square in Savannah, GA!

Welcome to Truth In Evidence Haunted Tours’ Savannah Squares History Tours, a captivating journey through Savannah, GA’s rich history. Our knowledgeable guides lead you through the cobblestone streets, unveiling the stories woven into each picturesque square.

Explore Forsyth Park’s majestic beauty and Chippewa Square’s historic significance as we delve into Savannah’s colonial roots, its role in wars, and the cultural influences shaping its unique character.

Our tours offer an in-depth look at the city’s evolution, highlighting architectural marvels and the resilient spirit that defines Savannah. For history enthusiasts and those curious about Savannah’s past, our Savannah Squares History Tours promise an enriching experience. Book your spot today and let Truth In Evidence Haunted Tours guide you through the captivating history of Savannah’s squares!