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Truth In Evidence Haunted Tours

Ghost Tours in Savannah, GA

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Truth in Evidence Haunted Tours

Welcome to Truth In Evidence Haunted Tours, your go-to destination for captivating paranormal investigations at the iconic Savannah Theatre and the historic Moon River Brewing Company in Savannah, GA! Embark on an extraordinary ghostly adventure that seamlessly combines the thrill of haunted tours and ghost tours with the authenticity of utilizing advanced ghost hunting equipment. Our ghost tours are meticulously crafted to provide an unforgettable experience, blending history, paranormal investigations, and spine-tingling excitement, attracting those seeking an authentic encounter with the supernatural. Book online!

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About Us

At Truth In Evidence Haunted Tours, we take immense pride in our commitment to historical accuracy and delivering legitimate paranormal experiences. Michael Eder, John Flynn, and Micah Watkins collectively ensure that each tour is not just a journey into the unknown but a genuine exploration of history’s haunted secrets.

Savannah Ghost Tours

Better than a haunted ghost tour of the city

Really fun and excellent tour guides. We all got our own equipment and could wander around by ourselves or with a group. Definitely worth it. My kids loved it. Their age 12 and 16. They were a little scared but someone from our group was willing to go into one of the most haunted rooms with them. It seems that spirits enjoy speaking with children more than adults. I was up in the air about doing a ghost tour but I don't regret doing this haunted theater one bit.

– Kate M, TripAdvisor
Amazing paranormal investigation

Micah and Kat were amazing hosts - entertaining, engaging, and very knowledgeable. This is a great investigation opportunity for both new and experienced investigators. We were able to experience paranormal activity through various detection equipment and witnessed a shadow figure downstairs and captured another through a night vision camera on the fourth floor. Truth in Evidence provides a unique experience and a must do activity.

– robert s, TripAdvisor
Great paranormal experience

Great experience at the Savannah Theatre. The team that led the experience was talented and knowledgeable in the setup of equipment and telling the history of the theater. My daughter even had an encounter with a mannequin head being knocked off the shelf while talking about orbs.

– Suzanne W, TripAdvisor
Not too spooky and very fun and different

Cool experience. The static energy machine picked up some ghost or energy that had words and numbers. We didn't see anything but I felt like we did have an experience with the sound machine.

– mnguru1, TripAdvisor
Just do it!!

This tour was INCREDiBLE! We have taken a lot of tours and this news the BEST hands down! The hosts were knowledgeable and super positive. I am a definite believer and this strengthened my beliefs. So much activity and so much fun. Don’t hesitate. Just do it! We will be back!! Don’t skip the mirror room 💀

– Lisa P, TripAdvisor