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Moon River Brewing Company Paranormal Investigation

3 Hour Paranormal Investigation

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Experience Authentic Ghost Tour at Moon River Company in Savannah,GA!

Step into the mysterious world of Truth In Evidence Haunted Tours Paranormal Investigations at the Moon River Brewing Company – an extraordinary journey that goes beyond the ordinary ghost tours. Immerse yourself in the haunted atmosphere of this historic Savannah establishment, where every sound and shadow hints at a spectral history waiting to be unveiled.

Our Paranormal Investigations redefine the typical ghost tour, delivering an authentic and spine-tingling experience with the supernatural. Equipped with cutting-edge ghost hunting gear, join our seasoned investigators as they guide you through the haunted corners of Moon River Brewing Company. From unexplained EVPs to intriguing electromagnetic fields and REM Pod acitivity, witness firsthand the compelling evidence that brings the ghostly tales of this historic site to life.

Adding to our accolades, Truth In Evidence Haunted Tours has been featured on Sam and Colby’s YouTube channel, solidifying our standing in the paranormal exploration community. Explore the paranormal mysteries side by side with our expert guides as we unveil the enigmas that have captured the interest of online paranormal enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a seasoned paranormal enthusiast or an adventurous soul, our Paranormal INvestigations at the Moon River Brewing Company promise an immersive and enlightening experience. Uncover the hidden stories, witness the evidence, and become part of the haunting narrative that defines this iconic Savannah landmark. Secure your spot for a paranormal adventure today, and let Truth In Evidence Haunted Tours lead you through the eerie and ghostly tales of the Moon River Brewing Company!