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Night Terrors Ghost Tour

Haunted History Walk and Intro to Ghost Hunting

Quick Details

Adult Ages 16-64
Child Ages 8-16
Senior Citizen Ages 65+
SOUVENIR K-II METER Select this Option to take home your own K-II EMF Detector!

Explore Savannah on a Night Terrors Walking Tour

Welcome to Truth In Evidence Haunted Tours’ Night Terrors Ghost Tours in Savannah, GA. Join us for an immersive journey through the haunted history of this charming city. Our Night Terrors Ghost Tours stand out with a unique twist – equipped with ghost hunting gear, you actively engage in the paranormal exploration.

Led by experienced guides, walk the eerie alleys and historic sites, discovering the chilling stories that linger in Savannah. What sets us apart is your active participation in the investigation — capturing evidence along the way. It’s not just a ghost tour; it’s a collaborative exploration into Savannah’s spectral past. Book your Savannah Night Terrors walking tour online!

Whether you’re a seasoned paranormal enthusiast or a first-time ghost tours attendee, Night Terrors Ghost Tours promises a captivating adventure. Book your spot today and let Truth In Evidence Haunted Tours be your guide through the haunted history of Savannah!