Haunting Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? When it comes to hunting ghosts in Savannah, GA, it can provide overwhelming evidence.

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We will be adding more and more EVP evidence to this page as we go. Be sure to check out our Photographic and Video evidence as well.

Paranormal Evidence – EMF K-II Meter in the Cemetery

During a mock trial run of our haunted tour route our K-II meter started going crazy! We are the only Haunted Tour in Savannah to give our customers equipment during the tour to catch Paranormal Evidence. We employ the K-II meter as seen in the video, 4K Night Vision Cameras, Thermal Cameras and Digital Voice recorders with noise cancelling headphones for live EVP sessions. On top of all that, we tell you the phenomenal stories of Savannah GA’s Haunted History.



Within 15 minutes of our first major K-II EMF spike on the tour route we encountered yet another. This time in Calhoun Square.

The stones that you see in this picture can be viewed all over the city of Savannah, but specifically in the buildings, retaining walls and along River St. These stones are commonly referred to as Ballast Stones. Ships would carry these stones as "cargo" to weigh the ships down to properly balance the weight of the ship and improve their stability as they sailed to Savannah. These stones were then taken off of the ships, replaced with cargo, and used in the construction of the city. It is believed that most of these stones came from the Caribbean and Western Africa (were many of the slaves interred in Savannah came from).