Ghostly Photos in Savannah


Our patrons on the most unique ghost tours in Savannah become participants in capturing evidence of the paranormal.  Using specialized equipment like high resolution cameras, we capture actual evidence of the hauntings!

Below you can see some of the photographic evidence that we have captured on our Savannah Haunted Tours.  We are just getting started! More evidence will be added frequently, and you can become a contributor by booking a tour now!

The bricks you see in this photo have been laid all around the sidewalk outside of Colonial Park Cemetery. The unique pattern on the bricks designates them as "burial markers" or "headstones" for the thousands of corpses that lay around the cemetery. Colonial Park Cemetery was the main burial ground for the city from 1750 up until 1853. The cemetery extends well beyond its gates, and these bricks have been laid to commemorate the thousands of people buried underneath Abercorn St and the buildings across from the cemetery. When we say Savannah is the "city built on the dead" we mean it!