Ghosts Are Talking!


Using digital recorders, we often capture audio evidence  of the paranormal while on our ghost tours here in Savannah. Of course, as a participant on one of our haunted tours, you can get your chance to help us document Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP’s.

We will be adding more and more EVP evidence to this page as we go. Be sure to check out our Photographic and Video evidence as well.

Calhoun Square

In August of 2018 my partner and I were researching the Historic District of Savannah for our Haunted Tour company Truth In Evidence Haunted Tours. Being avid paranormal investigators we jumped at the chance to do an impromptu EVP session in the infamous Calhoun Square. The session was conducted from 1:10am until just after 1:45am. This is the FIRST EVP that was captured in the Square.

Be sure to check out the photos we got at Calhoun Square here.

The bricks you see in this photo have been laid all around the sidewalk outside of Colonial Park Cemetery. The unique pattern on the bricks designates them as "burial markers" or "headstones" for the thousands of corpses that lay around the cemetery. Colonial Park Cemetery was the main burial ground for the city from 1750 up until 1853. The cemetery extends well beyond its gates, and these bricks have been laid to commemorate the thousands of people buried underneath Abercorn St and the buildings across from the cemetery. When we say Savannah is the "city built on the dead" we mean it!